Saturday, April 17, 2010

#2 engaged (finally)

So Dino and I had been talking about getting engaged for 5 months when he (finally) surprised me and popped the question! If you really care for all the details, here's my fluffy fairytalesque story courtesy of the (all the shit on there sounds like this, promise!)...

I accepted a dream internship opportunity in my hometown, and so Dino and I geared up for the 5 months of long distance relationship. We were talking marriage, and every couple of weeks we were taking steps toward getting engaged. We made long term plans, Dino asked my dad for permission, he looked for the perfect ring (and showed me to get my opinion lol!), and told me when the ring finally arrived! Needless to say, I thought there was no way he could possibly surprise me, when I knew everything already. What I didn't know was that he was conniving with my best friend from college to do just that. So I came up to visit, thinking that possibly there might be a surprise waiting for me. And when nothing happened I started getting anxious. The next day Lauren got me out of the apartment and listened to me worry, while Dino cooked a romantic dinner for us at my apartment. I came home to find my apartment full of smoke and started freaking out! But then I saw Dino, and a rose petal trail leading to the beautiful ring. He asked me to marry him, I happily accepted!

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