Wednesday, May 5, 2010

#11 opinions

I need opinions on invitations/save the dates. I love paper things+they're the 1st sneak peek at our wedding+the first thing to go out=this is BIG people. I'm posting some inspiration for everyone. (in the parantheses is what I think the "concept" is...could lead to a theme?). What'd ya think...

love the seals (love letters)

love the lace and the color (vintage vs. modern)

love the material and laser etching (woodsy modern)

love the graphic (architecturally inspired)

love the lace and material (vintage)
(could also be a classy coozy and double as a favor?)

love love love the maps/blueprints (like library

love the bold graphic on the natural material (natural vs. graphic/modern)

love the print and layout (traditional with a twist)

nvrm the kissing couple...
love the graphics, layout, and theming (whimsical, graphic, and romantic)

I obviously like vintage...but am not sold that this is completely us (we are so multi-dimensional).

Even if you are not a "devoted" follower...only an occasional stalker...let me know what you think (i.e.-post your comment on my fb page, text me, call me, whatevs!). I'm trying to come up with a theme for the wedding (no football, or LOTR, etc.) that feels "us". So let me know how you perceive "us".

Helpful Hints: I've already posted the church and it looks like Soulard is going to be our reception place (see #4 for photos)...if this helps you


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