Sunday, May 23, 2010

#14 pretty!

This my first legit style board, made by me! It's not laid out super nice, but believe's a step up from the cluster fuck of pictures that the photoshop doc is! I defined my colors because people kept asking me what I was thinking of, and I don't think people really get when I say purpley-pink so here it is!

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The 3 top-right photos are what I was thinking for bridesmaids bouquets, my bouquet, and reception flowers (only I'd probably add lemons instead of oranges for the reception flowers). Love, love, love the eucalyptus leaves for greenery; they're just the right shade of green (if I have to tighten up the budget somewhat, I might just have the girls carry a bunch of eucalyptus, instead of flowers). The burgundy ranunculas are interesting, and fit the color scheme, but that might just be color overload for the flowers (there's something so proportional about 3' I'm a dork!). I love the tulips so much that I have to have them as my bouquet (sorry Jess, but at least you'll get to hold them at the church)! Pretty!

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