Monday, May 3, 2010

#7 for Staci

So I was implored by my skating buddy (shoutout!) Staci Wood to update my blog! So I'm updating my blog!

Truth be told, I can't believe I even really started a blog considering how much I love to procrastinate (my mom would call this being lazy!). But really it's just that I don't want to put anything out there that is sucky...which this I lament over how sucky my blog looks/I-don't have-the-patience-to-learn-how-to-customize-HTML...I get really anxious about the suckiness...(deep breath)...and I don't do anything with it. This is why I never kept a journal when I was younger, so it seems a little ridiculous for me to try to keep an electronic version of one now!...

But then...I'll probably look back at this next June or so, and think's over, it flew! And it'll be nice to have a reminder of all of it, with all my non-witty ramblings and such, and think about how amazing everything went. And in the end it'll all be worth it!

But what the hell am I talking about! This shit's too deep...onto the randomness that has been the last week and a half or so (commentary included)!

My fav! Reception for 6...(if only!). That table setting is to die for! And those antique birdcages!

heartbreaking breathtakingly beautiful...someone please donate me your backyard complete with tree-filtered sunlight and flickering lightning bugs...seriously...anyone...

multitudes of inspiration boards...not done by me

please note: I am a designer...I love design
please also note: there are at least 3 different styles shown in these pictures (I'm too lazy to do an exact count...its probably more like 10)
please also also note: I am a designer...don't worry, there will be a 1 cohesive aesthetic
(I just haven't figured out what this is yet!)

probably not the nature ones(sadface)...does this give you a hint about the reception site (i.e.-see post #4)...I'm including the nature ones because maybe one of my friends will take the hint and have their wedding in Colorado/KC and have that rustic kind of wedding which I love, and I can at least go to a wedding like that!...Kirsten???

what else...

Pretty Hair and Make-up

birdcage veils aren't really me, but I like this one better than
the ones with the really open netting!

Mantilla Veil...again I really like but don't think I could pull it off...unless
I suddenly found out I am partially Italian or Hispanic...very romantic though
(P.S.-I don't like veils in I probably won't wear one)

Cat eyes and Red lipstick=LOVE

If I do and up-do...

And headbands! (Dino loves headbands on me!)

Photography shots that I love...

Note: Dear bridal party, I am sorry if you do not like umbrellas/have no use for them. These will be your gifts. Love, Bridezilla
(JK...but seriously, this pic is awesome!)

And I will have to leave other ramblings for another post because I'm an old woman, and it is past my bedtime. Staci, this should get you started till I can post next.

Love, peace out...Megs


  1. Oh My God, I want those umbrellas!

    Haha yeah... can we take a crazy fun picture like that? Priceless. And all I can say about these is... typical you. I already know what your crazy inspiration search is like. Have you started sketching yet? Did you ask for floor plans of the Soulard Reception Hall? Bahahahahaha too much fun. Whatever you end up doing will be perfect I'm sure :)

  2. Actually I did find a floorplan on their website and I did make a family of tables to the size she has and laid them all out to see if everyone would fit. They do...and yes I rock!

  3. Oh and of course this was all in Revit...nothing like under-utilizing a software's capabilities!