Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#8 the church

So this post is about churches...or more particularly...St. Cecilia's (which is an absolutely beautiful church!). Since I'm an architecture major, where we get married is a wee bit important to me (which makes me feel a little guilty...see below) For those non-Catholics reading my blog out there, I'll give you the inside scoop as to how this works!

content deleted...because it was soooo boring!...just look at the pictures people!

Ooooooo...pretty nave with rib vaults!
(Aw Carol Watts would be so proud!)

can't you just hear the angels going aaaaaaaaah
(not to be confused with ahhh) in an angelic sort of way?
I mean look at that mosaic!

Oh and btw...I know you're all probably wondering, "but Meaghan, will
those purplish/fuschiaish dresses you posted earlier clash with the church's colors?"

Answer: Look at those stained-glass windows you warthog faced buffoon! Any color
you could possibly imagine is in that window...so what if it clashes pig...its
already a clusterf@*k of color, you miserable, vomitous mass!
(20 points to whoever gets the reference here)