Sunday, April 18, 2010

#4 in the runnings

So I think I basically have my mind made up on which one I want...all really cool, but one just fits Dino and I (and my mom bwahaha). But I'm going to make you guess (I don't really know who you is...probably just Lauren...maybe a facebook stalker!)...anywho, here they are!

The beautimus Chandler Hill Winery

photo by Sarah Paradise via Flickr

photo by Nicole Welch via

Cedar Lake Farms

mason jars...ooooo

this literally has a poker table and one of those big screen tvs from the 90s
man cave?...definitely...I'd be like where's Dino? I haven't seen him all night! Does anyone know where he is? And all the women would be like, "They (meaning all the boys) are all up there." And I would know exactly where they were talking about.

This next one just makes me giddy!

all courtesy (hopefully!) of their facebook page
check them out:

And last but not least...

Soulard Preservation Hall

chittaty-check out this bar...Dino?...bartending his own wedding? I think so!

Oooooo...DJ Dom...spinning his tunes on that stage? Hmmm...

Three very different feels...and I choose...

Just kidding I'm not going to give the surprise away that easily...actually I keep changing my mind as to which I like more! There are pros and cons to all. If anyone actually looked at this blog or I had followers, maybe the event coordinators would fight over me and give me really good deals...or not. (I can dream, right?) Lauren and anyone else?...(crickets)...nope! Well anyone who would like to give me input, vote for your fav!

Disclaimer: this doesn't mean that the reception venue will be one of these places. I'm keeping an open mind. I just started looking. I need to look at more places...

or so my mom thinks (bwahahaha)!


  1. Just so you know, you sound slightly insane. And you definitely just word vomited all over your post, I especially enjoyed the "Where's Dino?" tangent. Now to look at the Cedar Lake Farm one a little more so I can give you adequate feedback...

  2. I guess I would say the Chandler Hill Winery, but it's probably the most expensive. Cedar Lake Farm is nice as well. The third one doesn't seem like your thing - it's indoors (despite the nice bar area). But yeah that's my take. I'll be back in St. Louis the weekend of the 30th if you want someone else to go look at places with you :)

  3. Haha I just now read your comment on my blog... oops. So I guess my vote is officially Cedar Lake Farm, I wouldn't want those mason jars to go to waste haha.