Monday, April 19, 2010

#5 the dress!

So I'm pretty sure that I found these before I even started dating Dino. You see, I will reveal another piece about myself (to my two followers, lol), I have always thought about becoming a wedding planner because I love all the details (see my profile). So I'm pretty sure I stumbled upon Alfred Angelo, while trying to build up my wedding industry knowledge...which is still not much. But I like a lot of their styles, plus this color (Berry) is amazing and fits right in with my color scheme. So I picked out 5 styles I really thought looked like my girls, but what'd ya think?

all photos by alfred angelo at


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  2. I agree with 3 of the 5. My guess/opinion is the first one is Jess, the third is Kirsten, and the fourth one is Lauren. Which one were you thinking for me? The one I was thinking of isn't here haha. What time zone is your blog in because it's definitely 11:34 in the central time zone :)

  3. I should probably change that because it's like 4 hours off and if I try to post to the right time it says the post is scheduled