Monday, August 23, 2010

#20 hollywood regency

So I've been having a hard time nailing down a specific style for the wedding. I like way too many styles, and trying to make a decision for such a momentous occasion is a little intimidating. So where did I turn to...architecture of course! It seemed only natural that an architectural style could also function as inspiration for a wedding, and I have to say that my favorite is Hollywood Regency! It might be a little girly for Dino, but let's face boys really care anyway? I hope not because I'm running with it!

gorgeous colors, love the metallics, starburst icon, chinoiserie wallcoverings...
pretty much everything about this one!

chinoiserie pattern...amazing! plus the modern v. antique aesthetic...that soooo shouts me!

yummy whites and grays, mirrored light galore! Mmmm
the screen is a little too asian, but it definitely has presence

PINK!!! Need I say more?...oh wait!...zebra and white porcelain vases
okay...think that covers it

oh my goodness! okay, last but not the bold pattern, and talk about those colors...AGAIN! love it!

Okay so I as I'm posting this, I literally found the most perfect application of this style in a wedding shoot on Style Me Pretty (love this site!). I will post soon!

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