Thursday, August 26, 2010

#21 a sales call is worth a thousand words

So I found this really awesome photographer that I liked, and after trading a couple of emails with her, I thought that she was going to be the "one" (lol!). Unfortunately, she fell off the face of the earth, and several emails, phone calls, and a message later, I realized I should just start looking again.

BOY am I glad I did!!! I found the wonderful Michelle Huesgen of Untamed Heart Photography! She was super professional and quick! I mean any person who makes a personal call within the day that you contact them gets an A+ in my book! Getting a wedding planned without running after your vendors is stressful enough, so I was very impressed! Besides the professionalism, she is super bubbly and fun, and takes A-MAZ-ING photos! I'm very excited!!! I would post some of the pictures from her blog but I don't know how she feels about copyright infringement (jk)! If you want to check her stuff out though go here for all sorts of cuteness...


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