Wednesday, January 12, 2011

#32 recent musings

Recently I have once again been struggling to "define" what I think our wedding should be...and yes I think I'm being a tad psychotic about the whole thing but then again, I love details and design and planning the wedding is like the ultimate project for me (well kinda, sorta)!

I really have enough stuff collected to plan 12 weddings. My fellow internee, (shout out to Kimberly) who has had to listen to me over-analyze all this (poor girl) has actually suggested that I just go into wedding planning which I've actually thought about before...hmmm. So anyone needing some help planning their wedding out can come to me and I'll unleash a whole weddings worth of ideas on you. The problem with this is...that, well, all this stuff makes it hard for me to pin down a cohesive theme/style/feeling for OUR wedding.

When I met with Melinda (our florist) and Michelle (our photographer) (do you think I like the letter M just a little bit?) I was trying to explain the vision I have for our wedding. I'm usually fairly eloquent when giving studio presentations and explaining my ideas, but here I failed and it's because I don't really have a clear vision! Sure I've done a couple flavor boards and done some more color palettes, but I look through all of this huge amount of STUFF that I have and I just feel like it isn't quite there yet, like it doesn't quite reflect Dino and I as a couple. It reflects some of my design tendencies and style, but I feel like that's all it is is just me...and I want it to be about both of us (even if Dino doesn't really care).

So without further ado I wanted to share some of my latest inspiration which I think is a balance of what I like and who we really are as a couple...(take a closer look at the blue pic...VERY dino! lol!)

and yes, finally a good layout! shhh that's because I used 100lc's form coz I LOVE it!

It's a take on my love/his appreciation of architecture lol and things that feel young and not-to-serious but still have killer style! As I describe it, it is elegant art deco meets slightly gritty, drunken Irish debauchery! lol!

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