Thursday, February 17, 2011

#35 appendectomy boredom

So I just had an appendectomy yesterday...super random...I know! So I've been in a twinge of pain today and only had my Iphone to cuddle up of course I had to check out all my most fav wedding blogs. Today Ruffled posted on bridesmaid dresses from alternative sources such as another of my favs...Modcloth! Soooooooooooo amazing...I just bought several dresses from Modcloth for our engagement shoot and I looooove their selection. If I would have waited another couple of months to figure out the bridesmaid dresses I would've totally had them pick their own dresses from here in a color palette...but alas, I freaked out, jumped the gun...and it is what it is...matchy-matchy here we come. But I'm going to act like I didn't and post my favs...

Oh how I wish I wouldn't have been so indecisive!

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