Wednesday, February 23, 2011

#36 paper heaven

So my mom has been bugging me about our invitations because I'm designing them and she gets a little psycho about the progress of wedding things from time to time. That being said, don't fret...I have been working on's just sooooo hard...because I have all these ideas about what I want them to look like, and you only get one shot...once you send them out they become "Our Wedding Invitations"...and there's no turning!

Well I was over at of my fav wedding blogs and I happened upon a post of theirs from yesterday and I thought I share it with you. Minted just came out with a whole bunch of new paper goodies and I am absolutely in love with pretty much all of them!

I am still determined to design my own, however, because I HAVE TO...I'm a designer for heaven's sake! But if I felt a little less creative or maybe even just a little less of a control freak...I would probably choose several of these and send out like 5 different suites to our guests.

If you love paper like MUST check them amazing!

These are my favorites and I have so many I'll split them into several posts...for now, "down-home" backyard weddings...if our wedding was outside, you bet I would've used the mason jar, firefly one! Love <3

This one would be perfect for childhood sweethearts...

This one would be perfect for "grandma-style-loving" to Lauren...or people who like to cross-stitch...OH! Those cross-stitched hearts are soooooooooooooo perfect!

This would be perfect for a wedding at a a farmer's us...

Again perfect for a farm the kraft paper...

And now for something completely different...up next I will share my favs for typography/iconography lovers...stay posted!

All images can be found on Minted's!

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