Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#43 stay tuned

Dear you,

Currently I'm working on expanding the blog...ya know...trying to become a Style Me Pretty/100 Layer Cake site! Fingers crossed...I know its ambitious but it's really what I would love to do! So this week I'll be looking at content, and seeing how I can reach a larger audience...

But I need your help!

That's right! It's NOT JUST ABOUT ME anymore! I'll still add tidbits about our wedding as I go along, but I want to expand my topics and how often I post...

I would even love to include REAL WEDDINGS someday (hopefully someday soon...send me some peeps! I really want one to call my own!)...one of my favorite parts of the top wedding blogs out there! So if you or someone you know is having a stylish and hip wedding or maybe even its just that you would like some artsy fun project you did (and are super proud of) to be featured email me: murphm6@ksu.edu.

I'm thinking that I would like to have a post set up for everyday Mon.-Fri. (but is this too excessive? Would I scare you off if I did that or would you be like, "yes! more please!" 

That might be too much of a promise right now, but I do want to post at least once every week consistently. Let me know what you think! Comment or email me!

Also all you bloggers that might happen to stumble upon me or anyone in general who knows a bit about blogging, I would love your input in regards to design...because while blogger is easy to use...I'm a design major...and I just don't feel like .blogspot is all that cool of an address. But then again I could be wrong.

What'd you think...Tumblr, Wordpress? Any other suggestions?

All in all tell me what you want me to write about...just please don't tell me to shut up (that would crush my dreams, lol).

One last plug: Tell your friends about me!


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