Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#42 nyc love

So I have to say that I've been jealous of NY brides for pretty much as long as I've been into weddings...which is a lot longer than I've even been with Dino...I mean Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Come on everyone remembers that show! Right?

So I said...totally jealous because...they have awesome vendors! In a city as fashionable as New York how could they not?!

One that needs no introduction is Saipua! I had, of course, seen them all around the wedding blogs, but had never really looked into their stuff because well...I guess I was busy with other elements of the wedding at the time. But now that I've turned my attention BACK to flowers, I have to say that I have fallen so hard for this amazing company and the ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS arrangements and bouquets they create! So after several hours of drooling over their website, I promptly sent over my fav pics to our florist!

Okay, there's alot...I just can't help it...I literally love them all!

images are all credited to Saipua

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