Thursday, July 28, 2011

#55 more weddings!

So...I'm back...kinda...

I'm working on getting my website for my event company up and running...stay tuned.

Just submitted our wedding photos to Ruffled and Green Wedding fingers crossed.

Trying to get wedding thank you's out...please be patient.

Also, trying to get some sleep with the damn dog that lives above us that barks for 3 hours straight...pray for me! anywho, our wedding was craziness! So much going on! And right in the middle of all this cousin Ashley stops me in the middle of the reception and says, "I told my mom not to say anything at your wedding, but she's already been spreading the I just wanted to tell you, Robbie and I are getting married!"

And I was like OMG!!! Because I love Ashley and I love Rob! And my happiness of the day was wrapped up with my happiness for them and I literally squealed and bounced up and down right there in my constricting spanx and wedding dress!

So needless to say, I have a new obsession to throw myself at! Ashley is super creative so I'm not going to step on her toes, but I'm there if she needs my help!

They want an intimate wedding, outside in the springtime spilling over into the evening with s'mores roasting and campin' out! It should be just lovely! The way she's described her musings so far sounds fabulous and very "them"! I'm so darned excited for them, so I couldn't help but make this style board based on what she had mentioned. This is for the day "springtime feel" and I'll be doing one for evening "mood" as well!

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  1. Hey Meaghan! I've been futzin' around for the past 2 hours trying to get a handle on "real" blogging with wordpress. What a mess! I didn't realize how involved the paid world of blogging would be.

    Who are you using to host your event planning website? If you have any tips to offer, please do!