Sunday, July 10, 2011

#54 more sneak peeks

So we'll have the rest of our pics in a few weeks...until then...feast your eyes on this awesomeness from Michelle Huesgen (she's awesome too!) of Untamed Heart Photography...or you can check it out on her blog too (along with lots of other pretties!).

Look at our awesome couch!!! Bahaha!

 Look at that cutie ;)

Jess doing a jig in the background?

Our flowers were gorg! Les Bouquets did a great job!

Jess again being a goof! Love her! Love this shot!

My dad and I...we literally raced down the aisle...
I think he was nervous and I was about to trip on my dress!
(Props to Michelle for getting this shot! LOL)

That's my pretty cousin Ashley's arm holding our lovely programs.
(shh! I say they're lovely because I designed them; the flags too!...hehe)

Some of the details I agonized over...everything was just how I pictured it!
SMP here we come...please? I love you...will you love me back?

P.S.-Dino and I made all 180 little pies (our favors) lovingly
P.P.S.- um...okay...Dino made all 180 pies...I helped a little (what a guy!)

We had TWO Food Network/Discovery Channel featured caterers for the day...

Pappy's Smokehouse (featured on Man v. Food)- Dino and I looooooove their BBQ! We searched and searched for a caterer that would have good food for a decent price...let me tell you hard to find...and we really wanted something that wasn't just your typical wedding food...but REALLY GOOD food. So we said F*it, we love Pappy's, we want them!!! And so it was! LOL! The Brisket and Turkey was fab! Yummy!

And again...we wanted a variety of desserts that wasn't just your typical wedding cake (sense a theme Well that happened to be The Blue Owl of Kimmswick, MO (featured on Paula Dean). Let me tell you...Michelle's quote from her blog..."well lets just say…I’ve never seen a dessert table depleted like that…" she wasn't kidding...if we wouldn't have run out of plates...I wouldn't have gotten any delish cake the next day! I'm a fatty...hehe...which you will see in the next pics below...harhar...okay I'm being hard on be fair, I was completely FULL of awesome BBQ and desserts!

A HUGE thanks to all involved! It was a wonderful day--one that I will re-live over and over!

Oh and btw...if any of you stopping by are in need of a stylist/designer/coordinater for your wedding/photoshoot/tea party/etc. let me know, I'm totally ready to start that planning business I've been talking about...stay tuned...I'll get that website up sometime soon!

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  1. Very Cute! You look amazing in your pics and everything looks perfect!!! Congrats!