Saturday, October 16, 2010

#24 colours redux

Gosh I haven't posted in a while...and this post is kind of an appeasement post for a certain person (cough, cough...Lauren) who complains that now she doesn't have anything to look at when she is bored. But I wouldn't want to keep her from the slightly better than boredom she gets from this blog so...


Essentially, I have all these crazy ideas and inspiration for the wedding and it gets a little overwhelming trying to decide how to design one of the most momentous occasions of our lives...and then I also remember...oh wait I still have 8 months to plan all this...but then oh wait, in those 8 months I have to pass all my crazy demanding classes, somehow revise my portfolio, send out said portfolio so I can get some kind of big girl job...oh and make sure that I don't lose my mind while I'm at it...This being said...

I revised my color palette a few months ago, and didn't post it for reasons stated above. But I'm super happy about it. It's more versatile than the other and a little more gender neutral (coz let's face it the other one was pretty pretty princessy). My save the dates, which you should all be getting soon are about as throw up, cotton candy, bubble gum, pony rides, girly as it's going to get. So without further adieu(?) here are the colours redux..

The layout sucks...I know

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