Monday, October 18, 2010

#25 branches and such

Another post! Score! So to decompress after my mid-crits, which went awesome btw...I give you my centerpiece ideas. Sometimes I forget if I share my ideas with people and I just imagine that I any who...I'm sure that some of you know that I have bought a number of ball mason jars (the blue ones) and milk glass vases...well I couldn't decide which one I liked more and so I just thought...hey why not have both? and maybe include branches in it too since we are going with a chinoiserie inspired theme (not the overdone "love birds" just so happens that I really like bird things...ask Lauren!)

Wow ramblings! Anyway, I've been looking for a semblance of these elements put together in tablescapes, and these images are as close as I could come. The tablecloths will be either a pale blue (reference below) or an off-white (we're going with both for more variety in the space). I then want to put a burlap runner or some other more rustic material across the table. Then the pretties...kraft paper wrapped books, mason jars, milk glass, branches (maybe even a little bird hidden somewhere!), and of course some flowers and candles to finish off the vintage, "love story", chinoiserie styled theme! I'm excited, I love well-styled tablescapes and I hope ours turns our as good as these...

Love the combo of elements and the more natural flowers!
We'll probably be doing the centerpieces DIY so I think this
would be easier than trying to do a formal arrangement.

So pretty! I love the flowers with the billy ball accents. We don't have milk glass bud vases and this makes me want to get some...tell me to stop! Please! Please!

I think on the tables with milk glass that we would incorporate the branch idea in the taller vases and flowers in the smaller ones for a layered effect.

Wish we could find blue and white porcelain to rent :(
But we did find some pretty white china!
The branch looks so perfect with the color palette here! Oooooo!

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