Saturday, October 23, 2010

#26 more centerpiece tidbits

So I'm kind of pathetic in the fact that I have several folders on each of my computers for wedding related stuff...and so I was going through my stuff at home and found these...

I think I had decided by this time that we were going to have a semblance of books, vases, candles, twine, branches, etc. (This will probably be edited as it gets closer since I probably have enough crap to make 3x the amount of centerpieces than we really need!)

I really like the twine wrapped books in this one. I also really love the bouquet!

This one's so bright and sunny! I absolutely adore the dahlias and lemons!

Omg! I love this bouquet too! The brown accents are sooooo cute! But do you think it's a little to fallish for a June wedding?

Love the kraft paper menu...casual but cute! And love the blue and white napkin! And the burlap!

Obviously I love the burlap, I also love these place settings with the pretty napkins and the little chalkboard name cards! I actually considered everyone just bringing their fav chair to the reception when we were considering just having it in a backyard, but then I figured people would bring folding card table chairs and that wouldn't be very cute!

I love the grouping of flowers, and let's face it, roses are cheap to buy wholesale! Also love the fabric runner and the amberish wine bottle! Too bad we don't have natural wood tables like these at the venue!

Now that you've seen all the inspiration for centerpiece ideas I have on both computers, tell me what you think!!!

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