Tuesday, December 21, 2010

#28 the challenge

Now Dino supposedly "follows" this blog, but let's face it...he's a dude...and I mean a dude's dude, so the chances that he'll actually see this are slim to none so I'm going to post it anyway! Eeckgats, Oh-no, don't Meaghan! Really it's okay...we are going to see eachother before the wedding anyway, and hopefully I'll be prettier than I look in these pictures too, so I don't think it's ruining the "surprise" for him+I won't post the pics of the back, which is what I'm hoping makes him faint anyway!

Anyways (I say anyways a lot I just noticed!), I am posting these "before" and poorly photoshopped "after" pics because the Christmas season is coming up, and I need some support to stick to a diet when surrounded by copious amounts of green bean casserole and mashed potatoes and OH! the rolls! I want to get a head start on my New Year's Resolution so that hopefully I can stick to it-gosh I loooooooove food!

So if you see me eating peachie-Os, or guzzling down a 32oz Coke, or even if you see me attempting to drive through a Burger King drive through...I give you permission to roll down your window, honk your horn, slap me over the head, etc. until I stop!

Even wondrous Spanx can only do so much!

Okay so I removed them...because well maybe I don't want Dino to see, and I just shared my latest post on facebook.

Please and thank you!


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