Monday, December 27, 2010

#29 color redux, part two

So I always write my posts and then post pictures, but for some reason Explorer (which I never use but Firefox is being a little bitch!) doesn't want to cut and paste here you early? yet late Christmas gift to you! Enjoy!

So a couple of posts back, I was lamenting to all 9! of you about how I was unstatisfied with my color scheme, etc, etc. Well, I've revised it yet again! Yay! Oh brother!

Here I was going for a blending of more soft romantic colors I've been loving lately (i.e.-creams and peaches, light pinks...cough, Style Me Pretty) and the some of the bolder colors that I think reflect my personality (i.e.-loud and punchy, lol!). I think this "flavor" board sums it up pretty nicely, and considering I just spent 2 hours hemming and hawing with our potential florist about what style I was going for I think this board is right on time! Now I don't have to look like a neurotic, crazy person, I can just say...that...right there is what I want!

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