Thursday, March 17, 2011

#39 go maire tu an tsaol

On this most sacred of days...cough, cough...St. Paddy's Day...I pause (amongst March Madness games) to consider my Irish heritage. Wait, who am I kidding? I talk about being Irish ALL the time! As the saying goes, "there are two kinds of people out there...the Irish...and those that wish they were!"

I've been blessed to have been instilled with this Irish pride from a very early age (there's a picture of me as a wee one wearing a "kiss me, I'm Irish" onsie). I'm actually half German (but I don't like to admit it). So it's a faux 100% Irish for me, and I'm okay with that! Because I bleed green...ewww...there'd be something horribly wrong with me if I did. But in all seriousness, lol, when I was little, I thought everyone listened to Irish folk music, skipped school on St. Patrick's Day to celebrate with the most Irish of Saint Louis down in Dogtown, and regularly went to Seamus McDaniel's. I cry at the Quiet Man and one of my favorite unknown movies is the Secret of Roan Inish...yeah...look it up (spoiler: its about seals...and if its about guessed it (probably not though) it's about selkies)! I love being Irish so much I got inked with the Gaelic title of this post which roughly translates to "Live the Life", and I'm determined to name our kids with Irish/Gaelic names.

Enough about this though, it's time to celebrate Eire and the Danaans!!!


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