Friday, March 18, 2011

#41 color red(ux)anculous

Yeah another color board!

I'm sooooo done...

telling you all every time I post these that this is the last one! Because, let's face it, I LOVE color. I can't help it. Color just has a way of wooing me back to it every time.

So I won't say this is my last color board, but I can tell you the vision for everything is finally coming together, and that I'm quite fond of this one. The only foreseeable problem with this one is the bridesmaids dresses because I haven't seen them in real life yet. 3 of the girls took pics and sent them to me, and I gotta say...they're a little intense...way intense. And I really wanted them to be more subtle so that their flowers would pop, and so they didn't look like typical garish bm dresses. Oh well, we'll make do.

So the color is a little off and until now, I was kind of just trying to work around them for the rest of the color scheme, until I said f*** it...its my wedding, I'm gonna pick colors I like even if one is slightly off. It's not like we were going for matchy-matchy I'm going to get a grip and let go! Ahhhhh...

The other thing I didn't mention was that I've already picked out the table linens too, and I am quite attached to the idea of having 3 different color it was the Bridesmaid Dress vs. Tablecloths...and I just decided I'm eating my cake both ways! Yum!

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