Monday, May 23, 2011

#52 thor tresses

So Dino's hair is getting ungooooooodly long...I mean OUT OF CONTROL...and he asked me, "when do you think I should get it cut?" I answered him, "a month out from the wedding so it has time to grow out a little" (I prefer him a little shaggy! lol!)

But now this having him wait till a month out is backfiring on me...because NOW his hair is SO long that he's starting to think he's Tom Brady or Thor or something! Ahhhh!

Not that I really mind this look, but I feel like it's something he's going to look back at years from now and think, "What was I thinking?" much like my father's overly large mustache when he and my mom got married, or even possibly the Deadwood 'stache that his dad was rockin' at his brother's wedding?

So what do you think about this look? Love it? Hate it?

If only I looked like Natalie Portman...or...Giselle Bundchen...I can dream


 vs. This?

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