Sunday, July 3, 2011

#53 a sneak peek

So for those of you who just happen randomly by my blog...hello!!! And for those of you, who have actually been following along this past year...I'm sorry I've been so absent. What with graduating, moving back home, finding an apartment, starting my big girl job, and finishing up all the wedding plans, my poor little blog inevitably fell by the wayside...which stinks!!! Coz I really love talking to myself with the hope that others too will think I'm slightly insane and will want me to keep talking! lol!

But really it's been an amazing journey, and it's all over with!!! AND IT'S CRAZY! All that planning/stress/OCD/detailed designing, when it all came down to it, made our wedding memorable in my eyes, but not nearly as memorable as laying down at the end of the day and thinking, GOSH! We're MARRIED! I have a HUSBAND. And nothing really felt like it had changed; like turning 16 or 21, do you really feel any different? But just the realization that we had reached the light at the end of the tunnel and it popped us out the other side is sooooooooooo satisfying.

I keep freaking out that we didn't do this or didn't do that...but do mustache photo props, or getting that one shot with my beloved throw-back Coca-cola bottle, or the fact that Dino got dehydrated and so we missed out on going to that really awesome location to take more pictures REALLY matter? (lol, notice they all have to do with photography...sorry Michelle, you're just too talented! I want you to shoot our life story, lol!) I'm positive that the answer is no and that our wedding was fabulous (even if just to us). Because isn't that really all that matters, is that it was the best day of your lives to the two of you!

I'll leave you with this sneak peek from Michelle Huesgen of Untamed Heart Photography, and with this:

I'm so overwhelmed with love and joy that I get to spend the rest of my life with Dino; and I'm so glad that we're on the "other side of living"! We did it baby!

Love all you too, gotta go for now...I'm not done yet...but Dino's got some succotash on the grill for me! Gotta run!

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