Tuesday, April 5, 2011

#44 the dreaded earrings

So I was gallivanting around Etsy a while back, and I happened upon the most wonderful little shop...just perfectly what I was looking for you see!

It was around the time that I had started thinking about jewelry/accessories for my bridal look and I was really struggling with envisioning how I wanted to look. All I knew was that my dress made my butt look awesome, but (no pun intended!) apart from this one large asset (pun intended!) I didn't know how to pull the rest together. Should I wear a necklace, a veil, a cocktail ring, a beaded sash, a funky belt...oh the possibilities were endless!

Needless to say, I got a little neurotic about it as I do, but finally settled on a earring/bracelet combination. How did I arrive at this conclusion you might ask?...but probably not (but I'm going to tell you anyways).

So my dress is very simple and not at all what I thought I get (seen here)...so I wanted to do something dramatic and bold...it is my wedding after all! So dramatic was either going to come from earrings or a necklace as I had ruled out a sash/belt early on (let's not draw attention to my mid-section please!). I digress...my thought process then involved oh wow well Meaghan, your skin's really sensitive to jewelry in general but especially necklaces so earrings are it...but then again dramatic chandelier earring hurt your ears and you'll end up taking them off halfway through the ceremony...and no one wants an 1.5 hour ceremony to last any longer..."excuse me Fr. while I take off my ungodly heavy earrings"! So I needed dramatic but lightweight...thus landing on FEATHERS!

And like I said, I happened upon xVELVETx and her unique feather earrings and geode rings (so AWESOME!). So I promptly picked my fav and here it is:

Hint of blue, hint of gray, and black and white striped feathers?...Perfect!
Only problem:
My mom hates them
(enough to have 7 separate conversations about them, and get my grandma involved...oh my!)

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  1. Thanks for your kind words on my planning blog today (fete stl)! I tried to email you back, but it bounced. Best of wishes in your wedding planning! Brit - The Landlocked Bride